The World Music Collider!
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collider five
march 23, 2019
williamsburg grange hall
Doors 6:30PM | SHOW 7:00PM

noura mint seymali (9:45PM)

molten psychadelic Saharan funk from Mauritania

nikhil p yerawadekar & low mentality (8:15PM)

Brooklyn-blendered, dance-party afro-pop

turning jewels into water (7:00PM)

beat-and-ritual-based ancient drum music from the future

FOOD NOTE: Come hungry!

Hungry Ghost Pizza will be serving slices downstairs!




Nationally beloved star and one of Mauritania’s foremost musical emissaries. Born into a prominent line of Moorish griot (West African praise singers, poets and musicians) Noura began her career at age 13 as a supporting vocalist with her step-mother, the legendary Dimi Mint Abba. From a very early age, she was trained in instrumental and vocal technique by her grandmother, Mounina, mastering the ardine, a harp reserved only for women, and singing at weddings with family.


Nikhil P. Yerawadekar & LOW MENTALITY

Antibalas alum Nikhil P. Yerawadekar’s project, Low Mentality, delivers personal and uplifting original songs suitable for dance-floors, car stereos and headphones worldwide. The group plays organically cultivated styles drawing from Nikhil’s wide range of experiences, from his formative years as a teenage hip-hop junkie in Queens, NY, to later in his life when he found himself working closely with greats like Hailu Mergia, Zap Mama, Tony Allen, Cedric “Im” Brooks and Khaira Arby.


turning jewels into water

Electro-percussive duo Turning Jewels Into Water make ancient drum music from the future. The duo finds inspiration in Val Jeanty’s Haitian roots and Ravish Monin’s fascination with N. African, Middle Eastern, and Indian musical traditions. Their collaboration is defined by improvisation, incantation, and the free fusion of jazz, ragas, Haitian voodoo, turntable beats, and acoustic + electric instrumentation. Join us in celebrating the release of their debut full-length recording, “A Map of Absences.”

We are thrilled to showcase Tostan as our NGO partner for this event.

Tostan empowers communities to develop and achieve their vision for the future and inspires large scale movements leading to dignity for all. West Africa is experiencing a quiet, two-pronged social earthquake: rural women in patriarchal societies are being elected to local office, and Muslim religious leaders are emerging as champions of human rights — particularly for girls and women.This is the result of a human rights-based, grassroots education program with proven impact in social norms change, including shifts in the beliefs about the role of women.

Through its Community Empowerment Program, Tostan sparks inclusive and respectful dialogue between girls, boys, women and men, who align their own deep values with human rights and set out to achieve a new vision of wellbeing.


10 minutes from Northampton

The Williamsburg Grange
12 Main St, Williamsburg, MA 01096