The World Music Collider!




RAM is the iconic Haitian band — perhaps because its all of Haiti, all at once. It is deeply ancestral: steeped in voudou; layered in African polyrhythms; and symphonized with the ceremonial one-note calls of the rara horns. And it is also earnestly present in history: funky, political, electric, multi-generational, and as much on the street as it is on the stage. The group has been squarely at the center of Haitian music since the late 90s -- but only in the past decade and with their two most recent releases, they are really taking off.



Brooklyn’s brand new tropical supergroup, with members from Antibalas, the Skatalites, The Easy Star All-Stars, and Low Mentality. They’re so new even Brooklyn hasn’t heard of them yet, but the minute we put our ears to their mongrel compositions of ethio-jazz + dub reggae, cumbia + rocksteady, we knew they were the perfect complement to RAM.

Union Station was once the essential hub that connected Northampton to the rest of the world. Built in 1896, it stewarded the movement of people, mail, everything — until the train era began its decline in the 50s.

Wow, yeah — You feeling this? The train station is like a metaphorical ten for the World Music Collider. Couldn't conceive of a better place to welcome musicians here from around the world.

Not to mention, the Ballroom is handicapped accessible, right off the bicycle trail, and has a range of wine and dine options. An internal hallway connects the Tunnel Bar so you can even order a cocktail and bring it back up to the ballroom with you.