47 SOUL السبعة و أربعين

Beloved by Arabic youth across the world, 47 Soul is shaking things up globally with their message of international political solidarity and a joyful call for a borderless humanity. Call it Shamstep Electro-Dabke. Call it synth-driven New Wave Arabic music. Call it what you like, as long as you’re ready to clap and jump around.


“The Girls of Illighadad” are the first female Tuareg guitarists from Niger. Hailing from a small, isolated village on the Sahara where musical styles are divided by gender, their defiance of tribal norms has resulted in a breath-taking new sound that is mesmerizing audiences across the world. We are beyond thrilled to present them to you as part of their US debut tour.



Local Valley group playing a variety of traditional and contemporary Arabic music. It features Nazira Bashour (vocals), Bob Davis (oud), Dan Muscat (qanun), Joe Blumenthal (bass), Sharon Arslanian (nay), Amanda Turk (percussion), and Sahina (zils/dance).


Les Filles de Illighadad perform Tende, a Traditional song from Niger.

47 Soul injects fierce pride and positivity into the Palestinian dream of independence.

what's this? another collider?
not exactly. this is a supercollider.
you've had one of these before, right?
yup. we had one last year.
a normal collider features one international artist.
a supercollider is a double-bill of int'l talent.

oh thats dope. mucha cultura. but what's a hafla?
it means "Party" in arabic. the word is pretty ubiquitous. everybody likes to hafla.
ok. and what's dabka? and will i like to dabka?
dabka is a jordanian folk music that went global (kind of like cumbia) because it sounds awesome and its easy to dance to.
hmm, ok. i like dancing. and what's a tuareg?
the tuareg are a sahara-roaming nomadic people. music is an essential part of their life: everyone plays, everyone listens. in the past fifty years, tuareg men began bringing guitars back from libya, as well as hendrix tapes. and the rest is history.
but this is a woman's tuareg band?
yeah, thats where this gets interesting. les filles are the first tuareg women to play guitars. and their music is different from the men's music. so they're making history.
amazing. this i want to hear.
this is their debut us tour. you will be among the first to hear them.


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