Collider 3! A look at the artists.

a still shot from "Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazouhai", the Sahel Sounds docudrama about Mdou Moctar released in 2015.

a still shot from "Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazouhai", the Sahel Sounds docudrama about Mdou Moctar released in 2015.




COLLIDER THREE is around the corner. and its going to be some crazy business. but you may not know it yet, because the line-up this time is super under-the-radar. so let me break it down for you with a bunch of hyper-linked youtube videos:

MDOU MOCTAR is a force of nature. If you've been googling him, you'll notice his band plays two kinds of sets: either Niger picnic-style with a djembe + battery-powered amps, or fully electric with a drum kit: the preferred wedding music in hardscrabble Agadez. also the preferred dance music for Grange Collider. this, for example. and it shreds. its become cliche by now to say that these Tuaregs "shred like Hendrix." whats closer to the truth is that the Kel Tamashek people discovered guitars and electrified their music in the 70s, just as Dire Straits and Jimi Hendrix tapes started washing up on African shores. of course its more complicated than that -- read here if you're interested.

this is raw, unfiltered ecstatic dance music. check out the clip below -- it really captures Mdou's live show. skip to around 3:15 for lift-off.

LOCOBEACH is something entirely different. lets call it psychadelic disco cumbia. lets call it the craziest grooviest sh*t you'll probably hear all month. or all year. whatever it actually is, it will make you dance. Members of this supergroup hail from Los Crema ParaisoChicha Libre, and 70s rockers Los Amigos Invisibles. they are ferocious musical veterans in the late incubation stage of an awesome new project (their first album hits the streets later this year).

neither of these bands have ever played in MA.

MDOU MOCTAR is only touring the States due to the resilience and brilliance of a few seriously Tzadik people, among them the mastermind behind the Sahel Sounds label Christopher Kirkley, a modern day Alan Lomax. 

June 8. Burgy Grange. I'm so thrilled to introduce you to these ridiculously talented musicians. I'm equally thrilled to introduce them to you; oh beautiful people of the valley and the hilltowns. you make a fine audience, did you know that? see you there!

Edo Mor